Toronto Olympic Club’s 60th Anniversary

Toronto, ON (October 25, 2014) - There was an excellent party on October 25th to celebrate the Toronto Olympic Club’s 60th Anniversary.  Click here for more photos.

TOC Champions

Over 90 people attended, including Don De Savigny from Switzerland, the Coburns from Victoria and the Lewis Family from Halifax.

Master of Ceremonies was John Craig. A slide show put together by Rachel Sinasac of recent photographs of club members in action was interesting and admired. There was a welcome by Greg Purkis.

Paul Poce made the introductions. Karen Hacker from the Pan Am Games Organization showed a video advertising the event and asked us to support it. Jerry Kooymans was recognized as the Best TOC Master for his skill as an athlete over several decades. Bob Finlay read notes sent by those who wished to attend but could not because of other commitments. Kate van Buskirk gave the keynote address reminding us of Joe Sax, her first coach and a significant influence in her life. Joan Fenech spoke on behalf of the Royal Canadian Legion. They have supported us financially for more than five decades now. Donna Braniff will take over as liaison be- tween our organizations. Joan urged us to join our local Legion and keep the good that both organizations do continuing. Chris Fagel spoke on be- half of the Canada Running series. They too have been a significant financial help to us in return for us helping them. He mentions in particular the distance events on the roads that will be staged for the Pan Am Games in 2015. He urged club members to let him or Bruce Clarkson know if we were able and willing to help out with this as a lot of experienced and motivated volunteers are needed.

Paul Craig gave a show of slides of some of the Club’s best performers in the first 30—40 years of the clubs existence. Many of these athletes were in the room and appreciated seeing images of their younger selves in action.

Members were asked to send in their story of their most memorable and their most disastrous race experiences.

Laura Konantz described a marathon in Ottawa run in atrocious conditions, cold driving snow.

Peter Lewis told of a time when his plane flight home had been booked on the assumption that he would not make it past the heats in the 800 m but he did and there had to be a scramble to get him a later flight.

Another tale was of a group stranded by an Air Canada strike in Halifax. They drove home in a rented K car in great discomfort.

Bill Marcotte described a bad experience at the Boston Marathon in 1974 which resonated with many of those present.

There were many draw prizes and no one left empty handed.

At each table was a copy of the club history. If you would like your own copy of this it can be sent to you in pdf form by asking at

Most of the work was done for the event by Lorraine Poce but also helping were Paul and John Craig, Rachel Sinasac, Maureen and Amy Griffith, Jane and Bob Moore, Paul Poce and the University of Toronto, Chestnut Conference Centre.

Courtesy of Robert Moore

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